Technology Nexus AB (publ) strengthens its leading position in the field of IT security through the acquisition of Netwo

Technology Nexus AB (publ) strengthens its leading position in the field of IT security through the acquisition of Network Management AB. Technology Nexus AB, hereinafter referred to as Nexus, has signed a letter of intent with Informator AB concerning taking over the activities of Informator's subsidiary Network Management TCP/IP AB, hereinafter referred to as Network Management. The parties intend to conclude the deal within this year. Network Management AB has cutting-edge expertise in the field of IT security and LAN/WAN communications and supplies services and solutions for IT security as well as Network Management, including Network Design, Network Operation and IP telephony. Network Management AB also works in partnership with Microsoft within the framework for Microsoft Technet (technical training) and supplies in-depth technical expertise for Microsoft platforms. Network Management arranges the annual IP days, one of the country's leading Internet, communications and security events. "Network Management is a very skilled company and has an obvious and natural role to play in Nexus. The company will help to further strengthen Nexus' current position as one of the market leaders in the rapidly growing IT security field," says Mats Enquist, vice president, Nexus. "As a part of Nexus, Network Management will be in a better position to satisfy its customers requirements for total solutions in which security is a crucial component. This is a strategically correct step for Informator in its aim to refine the company's training operations," says Mats Gröndahl, MD, Informator AB. For more information, please contact: Mats Enquist, Vice President, Technology Nexus AB, mobile: +46 (0)705 93 77 71, e-mail: Mikael Jacobsson, President and CEO, Technology Nexus AB, mobile: + 46 (0)706 47 58 10, e-mail: Claes Strand, Information Manager, Technology Nexus AB, mobile + 46 (0) 70 552 68 30, e-mail: Mats Gröndahl, President and CEO, Informator Utbildning Svenska AB, mobile: +46 (0)705 54 44 33, e-mail Facts about Technology Nexus AB Technology Nexus AB (publ) is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O list and specialises in developing and supplying secure IT solutions which increase customer profitability. Nexus works with end customers and as a development partner for customers with stringent quality requirements. Nexus aims to be a leading partner for secure solutions in the digital economy. Nexus employs approx. 300 people and has offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linköping (head office), Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås and Borlänge in Sweden as well as in Hamburg and Paris with operations in London, Madrid and New York. More information is available at E-mail: Facts about Network Management TCP/IP AB Network Management specialises in IT security and LAN/WAN communications. Network Management primarily works with end customers but also works in partnership with companies such as Microsoft in the training field. Network Management has20 employees at its office in Stockholm. More information is available at Facts about Informator AB Informator is Sweden´s leading partner for training within IT and Project Management. Informator (Informator Utbildning Svenska AB) is owned by Bure Equity AB, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Informator offers advanced training in e-trade, mobile data- and telecommunications, object- orientation and Internet-security; certificate trainings for Microsoft and Novell; training in project Management and End-user training. Our vision is to within 3-5 years be one of Europe's leading companies in training and competence development in the IT-area. More information available at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Nexus works internationally with information security solutions and services. Our clients are larger companies and organisations for which IT and the Internet are essential to the management of sensitive information and knowledge.