NIRA Dynamics will deliver TPMS to London Taxi’s classic black taxis

NIRA has been awarded the order to deliver their indirect TPMS to LEVC, formerly known as London Taxi Company. TPI (Tire Pressure Indicator) has already been installed in the first electric taxi vehicles in London. The classic black taxi is a well-known attraction in London and now it is equipped with the latest in tire pressure monitoring systems.

TPI is well-proven and already installed in over 45 million vehicles worldwide. It is reliable and safe as well as very cost-efficient, and therefore selected by many of the leading car manufacturers globally. NIRA Dynamics’ many years of experience working with Volvo Cars was an important part in the selection of TPI. The LEVC TX is based on the Volvo SPA platform, which already is equipped with TPI from NIRA.

With the new electric taxi vehicle, LEVC make cities cleaner and greener for everyone and easy, comfortable and safe transportation is accessible to all. The TX marks the culmination of years of work and collaboration between some of the best designers, technologists and engineers.

TPI is a perfect match as the environmental impact is much smaller than for sensor based (direct) tire pressure monitoring systems. “No batteries means no electronic waste and less environmental impact, sometimes it is just as simple as that.” says Jörg Sturmhoebel, Business Development Manager, NIRA Dynamics.

“TPMS helps drivers to ensure their tyre are correctly inflated. It’s not only an important safety consideration - correctly inflated tyres also help reduce fuel consumption, emissions and tire wear” says Alastair Fairgrieve, Product Manager, LEVC.

Johan Hägg, Head or Marketing & Communication

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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sweden, NIRA Dynamics is at the forefront of sensor fusion, providing cost-efficient, value-adding services for safety, advanced driver assistance and autonomy functions in the global vehicle industry. Customers include some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Fiat and Renault.




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TPI by NIRA is installed in over 45 million vehicles worldwide, in over 100 vehicle models.
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