Socially Resonsible Investments (SRI) is a concept that an increasing number of Nordic companies subscribes to

Socially Resonsible Investments (SRI) is a concept that an increasing number of Nordic companies subscribes to. Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) were one of the main points when Investor Relations Officers of 80 Nordic companies took part in the Nordic Investor Relations Conference 2001 in Stockholm. "Corporate citizenship" was one of the issues in the conference. It has grown into an important issue in the US. A growing number of both large and medium-sized Swedish companies include it in their company missions. Ulf Karlberg, head of the Business group at Amnesty International in London, declared that ethical codes matter for the corporations. "Socially responsible investments is growing fast, so the companies have to make themselves attractive even in anvironmental and ethical issues to attract the SRI-oriented investors", marked Carlos Joly, Storebrand Investments International. Every fourth Krona under his company´s management follows its triple return rules, being financially, environmentally and ethically sound at the same time. The selection of companies to invest in is done industry by industry. The Nordic Capital Market is alive, that was another issue during the conference. Inga Lundberg, chairman for SIRA*, hosting the conference, had noted an increase in Nordic Mergers&Acquisitions, especially in recently deregulated sectors. Another sign is the rising IR-activities in other Nordic countries and in growing Pan-Nordic ownership in many companies. "It is a paradox that the EU/EES harmonization has vitalized Pan-Nordic business, although the largest companies directs their interest more to London and New York", says Inga Lundberg. Bengt Rydén, former head of Stockholmsbörsen, described the Lamfalussy Report with propositions for a rapid harmonization of the EU rules for the capital markets. Mr Rydén was one of seven "wise men" who wrote the report. Nigel Cresswell, Morgan Stanley Capital International, discussed the new free-float indices and the new industry classification GICS. He noted that the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish stock exchanges are forerunners for the new common industry classification, which makes it easier to make cross-country comparisons and thus also makes it easier to invest in companies in foreign countries. For further information, please contact Inga Lundberg, chairman for SIRA (Swedish Investor Relations Association),, tel +46-8 449 84 89, mobile: +46-709 83 94 89 Anna Karin Källén, Hallvarsson&Halvarsson, organizer of the conference and cohost, Tel +46-8 58711234, mobile: +46-709 711234 For the agenda and other documentation, please visit *Swedish Investor Relations Association, SIRA, has 62 members, all IROs for Swedish listed companies. In the conference members of sister organizations in Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Norway participate. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: