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Coloreel awarded Quality Innovation Award - Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations category

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Coloreel and the ground-breaking instant thread coloring technology for the embroidery and textile industry has been awarded the Quality Innovation Award in the category “Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations, an award from SIQ, the Swedish Institute for Quality.

The Quality Innovation Award is a co-arrangement between quality institutes in several countries that annually awards companies, organizations, or individuals with innovations that have a clear connection to conscious systems in their work and a clearly identified customer need as a starting point. It is crucial to receive the award novelty, usability, learning, customer orientation, and efficiency.

 Motivation from SIQ, the Swedish Institute for Quality:

The innovation “Instant Thread Coloring (ITC)Technology for embroidery and textile industry”, is an excellent example of how innovation, technology and environmental awareness can make the world a better place. The innovation is pioneering in that yarn is dyed on site and as needed and the innovation shows the way for the textile industry and other industries that need to take a step towards more sustainable production.

For more information about Coloreel, follow the links below or please contact:

Torbjörn Bäck, CEO, torbjorn.back@coloreel.com, +46 761 109177
Henrik Linder, VP Marketing & Communication, 
henrik.linder@coloreel.com, +46 702 187101


About Coloreel
Coloreel is a Swedish textile innovation brand with a groundbreaking technology for embroidery that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand, unlocking a world of potential.

We use our technology to both preserve the craftsmanship of embroidery and take embroidery to the next level. The unique solution makes previously complicated designs accessible, including gradients, textures and other stunning effects. Using only a single thread and needle means that it also significantly improves quality and efficiency, enabling immediate start up and faster delivery. In short, Coloreel empowers creativity and enhances quality and efficiency, making the ordinary extraordinary. In the future, the technology can also be used for sewing, knitting, weaving and more.

Coloreel is also part of the movement to reduce waste and move the textile industry towards more sustainable production. By coloring the thread directly, there is no wastewater, hence no water pollution. And, using a single reel of thread and needle also means minimized thread waste and minimized microfiber pollution.  

The result, of course, is embroidery at full potential.

About Swedish Institute for Quality

SIQ – the Swedish Institute for Quality is the national centre for business excellence in Sweden. We are a non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the support of the Swedish Government as well as our members association, today counting more than 100 private companies, institutions and the public sector. SIQ has the assignment to promote quality development in Sweden by creating, gathering and spreading knowledge within the field of quality and business excellence.

As a national institute we strive to support and inspire all types of organizations to work with continuous improvement and learning from others. Our stakeholders constitute an important national network with unique conditions for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences in the field of quality and business excellence.

To promote quality management our institute runs several activities with focus on research and development, education, quality awards and opinion making activities. We are also represented as well as organize conferences and events within the business development field.






Coloreel being awarded with the prestigious Quality Innovation Award 2021 in the category for Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations, is yet another proof that our ground-breaking technology for modern, creative and more sustainable embroideries make an impact. Being acknowledged for our ability to provide the textile industry with a more sustainable decoration technology that reduces the carbon footprint is especially rewarding. We are humbled by the award and by the motivation of the jury and we like to thank the jury, our customers, our partners and our employees for their believe and dedication in Coloreel.
Torbjörn Bäck, CEO Coloreel Group