Arcus: Thinner plastic reduces usage by 3.5 tonnes

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Better environment, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

- We switch to a thinner plastic for securing goods during transport. By doing so, we reduce the annual plastic consumption in this process by approx. 40 percent, equivalent to 3.5 tonnes per year, says Raymond Johansen, Project Manager in the Technical Department at Arcus. The environmental benefit equals more than 1,000 Oslo residents’ recycling of plastic every year.

Arcus has chosen a plastic quality that is much thinner than before, and because it consists of many thin layers, it ensures the transport of the goods in the same way as before.

- We save the environment for plastic. Efficiency will increase as we do not have to change plastic rolls so often. In addition, of course, we save money because we need less plastic than before, says Johansen.

Arcus is committed to "The Plastic Pledge" launched by Green Dot Norway, a promise that will contribute to a more circular economy. As part of this, Arcus has promised to reduce its plastic usage by 30 percent by 2025.