En undervannsskog på Kypros

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På MUSAN svømmer du mellom natur og kunst

Art is inspired by nature, but are there cases where art inspires nature? In the works of Jason deCaires Taylor, one of the most famous representatives of the eco-art movement, this symbiotic relationship between nature and art is exactly what is manifested.

At the new Ayia Napa Underwater Sculpture Museum (MUSAN), swimmers with face masks or divers will be able to tour an underwater forest, the first of its kind in the world. This is where they will find 93 works of art by Jason deCaires Taylor, inspired by nature and man. At the same time, the museum is in itself a work of art in which nature is playing the role of an artist who makes interventions as time goes by. The statues have been designed in such a way and with such materials so as to attract marine life. They will be exhibited at different depths so as to create ideal conditions for the enrichment of marine life at all levels.

MUSAN_Agia Napa

The sculptures are constructed using inert, pH neutral materials so as not to adversely affect the exhibition area. The site is a sandy area, 200 meters from the coastline of Ayia Napa and it is expected that, as time goes by, the biodiversity of the area will also be enriched -  thanks to the museum.

Museum visitors can be divers but also swimmers with a face mask. The whole project  is a journey into the relationship of man and nature as inspired by Jason deCaires Taylor, the acclaimed British sculptor who also designed the first underwater sculpture park - the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada. This has joined the list of the 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. The artist uses his knowledge and skills as a sculptor, marine conservationist, underwater photographer and scuba diving instructor to create unique works of art that complement the exhibition space while enhancing marine life.

Art critic Dr. David De Russo wrote that Taylor's works are a vibrant, evolving exhibition that changes, develops and creates new life. They signal hope and bring out an awakening for the environment. It is, therefore, a great honor and joy for the ocean of Cyprus to host – as of this month - such an important work of art transmitting such essential and crucial messages.

The grand project was inaugurated on July 31, 2021, in the presence of the artist.The museum is the outcome of a joint effort between the Municipality of Ayia Napa and the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research.

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Agni Bolin
Press & Information Officer

Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism er det offisielle turistdepartementet på Kypros, ansvarlig for markedsføring av øya. I tillegg til hovedkontoret på Kypros, er det også lokal representasjon gjennom 10 kontorer i utlandet. Kontoret i Sverige er ansvarlig for de nordiske landene.




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