“Responsible use of data and AI”

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DNB, in collaboration with Stanford, PWC, Dataforeningen, DAMA Norge and BigInsight will be organizing a seminar on Responsible use of Data and AI.

Contact and registration: Ine Oftedahl (Mob: +47 476 363 18 / Ine.Oftedahl@dnb.no

Event: Seminar on Responsible use of Data and AI

Venue: DNB main office, Bjørvika, Oslo

Dates: January 27th, 2020

Time: 8:30 – 14:50

The seminar will be packed with interesting content, including a morning session with speakers covering relevant topics. There will be a showing of the thought-provoking documentary film iHuman by Tonje Hessen Schei, followed by a panel debate lead by Torgeir Waterhouse.  After the panel, DNB will be coordinating a series of working groups in the afternoon involving major actors in the public/private sector, government, and academia in Norway; to establish a coordinated strategy on responsible use of Data and AI. The outcome from the working groups will be available to all participants of the seminar upon request.


9:00 - Welcome by Aidan Millar (DNB) and Lars Erik Fjørtoft (PWC)

9:10 - Talks (Part 1):

“Algorithmic Harm and the Question of Legitimacy and Trust” – by Tereza Kuldova (OsloMet)

“What is the value of AI if we cannot trust it?” – by Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth (Cognite)

“What can we learn on responsible AI from the insurance domain?” – by Lars Erlend Leganger (PWC)

“What does responsible AI mean and how do we work with it at NAV?” – by Cathrine Pihl Lyngstad (NAV)


10:10 - Break

10:20 - Talks (Part 2):

“Presentation of Stanford Initiative on Responsible Digital Leadership” – by Soren Juul Jørgensen (Stanford)

“How to explain AI models? - A comparison of the LIME and Shapley” – by Kjersti Aas (NR)

“Existing resources on responsible use of data and AI” – by Ellen-Marie Forsberg (Østfoldforskning)

“Position Paper on Trustworthy Industrial AI Systems” – by Asun Lera St.Clair (DNVGL)

11:20 - Lunch

12:00 - Screening of iHuman + Q&A session with director Tonje Hessen Schei

13:40 - Break    

13:50 - Panel Debate led by Torgeir Waterhouse

15:00 - Working groups for a cross-sectorial strategy in responsible use of data and AI (closed event).