Board Member purchase shares in Induct

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Hans Martin Nakkim, Board Member in Induct AS, has purchased 40,000 shares in Induct at an average price of NOK 8.75 per share, through Fiona Holding Ltd, a company owned 100% by Hans Martin Nakkim.

After the transaction, Fiona Holding Ltd holds 250,000 shares in Induct AS, and 100,000 options.

For further information, please contact Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer +47 90 17 94 35  

About Induct

Induct offers @WORK, a secure and access controlled digital space for collaboration and work. Gather and collaborate on projects, in work groups, on contracts, in digital governance rooms (board rooms, auditor rooms, investor rooms, etc.) and more! The platform offers an overview of all your work and initiatives in one place.

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