Michelin at Automechanika 2022 – premium-quality vehicle accessories and more

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Oslo 30.08.2022

  • Product portfolio for sustainable mobility expanded further  
  • Everything about tyres and more – Michelin shows its commitment to innovation, performance, safety and the environment 

  • Michelin Lifestyle Limited among the top 50 licensors worldwide  

Michelin does more than just tyres. The mobility provider is constantly expanding its portfolio for every aspect of tyres and beyond. The brand’s high quality standards and innovative strength are also reflected in its range of accessories, which Michelin will be showcasing at Stand D88 in Hall 12.1 at Automechanika in Frankfurt from September 13 to 17, 2022. Prospective customers and other interested parties can find out about the comprehensive range of accessories from Michelin at the world’s leading automotive aftermarket trade fair. In 2021, 52 licensees in around 130 countries sold more than 31 million products under the MICHELIN brand. This puts Michelin Lifestyle Limited at number 461 in the list of most successful licensors in the world.  

The highlights of the Michelin display in Frankfurt will include the latest high-pressure washers with the patented dual-tech system and hydraulic vehicle jacks with a lifting capability of up to three metric tons. These jacks are particularly suitable for heavy vehicles such as SUVs. The MICHELIN Jump Starters are a new addition to the range. These compact, lightweight aids are available in three different power ratings and provide reliable, fast assistance when the car battery is dead. The sustainable MICHELIN ECO cleaning and car care product range enables customers to look after their vehicles and the environment. The product portfolio being showcased also includes snow chains, portable compressors, robust car mats and wiper blades for every weather condition, among other things.  

Pressure washers – blast away the dirt 

With the power of two motorised pumps, MPX 25DTS is the name of the high-pressure washer with the innovative, patented dual-tech system from Michelin. The solid, robust cold-water pressure washer can be operated with one or two pump power units. In ECO cleaning mode, only one pump is used. This setting is suitable for cleaning lightly-soiled or small areas. When the quick-clean mode is activated, the two power units push the water through at a rate of up to 810 litres an hour – that’s more than twice the pressure of a standard pressure washer for house and garden use. Stubborn dirt on larger areas or on walls up to five metres high can be removed effortlessly – and above all, quickly. Its two large rubber wheels and ergonomic handle also make the pressure washer very easy to manoeuvre and transport. The MICHELIN MPX 25DTS is equipped with a water filter to remove any potential pollution and the total stop system, which automatically switches off the motor when the trigger is released. This cuts water and energy consumption and expands the service life of the appliance by also reducing wear.  

The MICHELIN MPX 250EDS battery pressure washer is another new addition to the range. With 24 bar pressure and a throughput of up to 175 litres an hour, the 18-volt appliance is capable of tackling light soiling wherever there is no power socket to hand – for example when you are involved in outdoor sporting activities. The battery-powered pressure washer is equipped with a “double speed system”. This enables the user to control performance and switch between ECO SPEED mode and MAX SPEED mode, depending on what is required. The tool is also extremely flexible, making it perfect for a whole host of outdoor situations. The water required for cleaning can be taken from any source within reach of the hose, including tanks or buckets. 

Jump Starter – rapid assistance 

When your car battery is dead, it’s good to have something on hand to get you going again. At Automechanika 2022, Michelin is showcasing its new Jump Starters. These powerful, portable lithium car battery emergency start tools are available in a range of power ratings – up to as much as 16,000 mAh – and provide reliable and rapid assistance when the car battery is dead. Depending on the model, a single charge can provide 20 to 30 jump starts. Thanks to their USB-QC 3.0 socket, the Jump Starters can be charged to as much as 80 percent in just 35 minutes. However, they are not only particularly light and compact – they also have an integrated power bank, meaning users can also charge their smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. What’s more, these invaluable tools have a practical LED torch with various light settings.  

Snow chains – travelling safely through the snow 

A suitable solution for any vehicle in any weather – MICHELIN snow chains can handle any road conditions the winter throws at them. The MICHELIN brand is known for more than just top-quality tyres. It also has an extensive range of highly innovative snow chains. Alongside MICHELIN EASY GRIP EVOLUTION, MICHELIN SOS GRIP EVOLUTION and MICHELIN EXTREM GRIP, the portfolio also includes the MICHELIN FAST GRIP snow chains. These have been specifically developed for vehicles that are generally classed as “not suitable for snow chains” and fit nearly every vehicle – including and especially those with limited space around the wheel arch. A patented rapid attachment system ensures simple mounting and removal without any additional tools. The combination of zinc-coated steel prongs and polyurethane panels provide plenty of grip and traction on snow and ice. MICHELIN FAST GRIP is available in a total of ten sizes and has been approved in all European countries.  

Compact compressors – always have the correct air pressure in your tyres  

Having the correct air pressure in your tyres saves fuel, extends the service life of your tyres and also improves road safety. At Automechanika, Michelin is therefore showcasing its comprehensive range of compressors for checking and topping up tyre pressure. At its heart are the compact, mobile compressors for cars, vans and trailers with direct-drive motor technology. Direct drive provides quieter, faster and more efficient pumping. Three models can be connected to a vehicle’s 12-volt socket via a three-metre cable, while one is designed for connection to a standard 240-volt socket. All the models have a 65 centimetre woven air hose with a screw-fitting valve connection, an air-release valve for convenient adjustment of the tyre pressure and a storage compartment for the adapters included. The large blue LED display is easy to read – even in poor light. The tools can be set to measure in PSI, bar or kPa. The programmable versions will stop automatically at the pre-set pressure. The flexible, anti-vibration rubber feet provide a secure base.  

Michelin has now expanded its portfolio to include a cordless compressor. This lightweight tool has four pre-programmable pressure settings, and is perfect for bicycle tyres, motorbike tyres, car tyres and sports balls. The compact device will fit in your glovebox and has been designed for topping up tyre pressure. The digital gauge is accurate to +/- one PSI up to 50 PSI (switchable between PSI, bar and kPa). The integrated lithium battery charges the device back up in just three hours and can also serve as a portable power bank. The bright LED light on the top means it can be used in emergency situations or low light.  

Hydraulic car jack – ready to take on the heavies 

There are some people who like to do things themselves when it comes to the seasonal tyre-change – and Michelin has sturdy, reliable tools to help them. When things get heavy – in the most literal sense of the word – Michelin offers a range of car jacks specifically for SUVs. The current range of MICHELIN hydraulic car jacks includes three models capable of lifting up to three metric tonnes. Ergonomic handles, swivelling wheels and a 180-degree turning handle all make the job easier for users. SUVs have high ground clearance, but the extra-large lifting height of up to 530 millimetres means this is no problem for MICHELIN hydraulic car jacks.  

Wiper blades – you can see clearly now 

A clear view for maximum safety – with highly efficient wiper blades from Michelin, drivers can always see the road ahead clearly, even in extreme weather such as heavy rain and snow. Michelin offers a comprehensive range of all standard wiper blade types – flat-beam wipers, hybrid wipers, traditional wipers and rear wipers. In other words, there is the perfect wiper blade for any customer in any situation.  

MICHELIN flat-beam wipers are noted for their low-profile design. Their spoiler technology ensures high contact pressure, even in adverse weather, and has a tested and proven durability and long service life of more than one million wipes. The hybrid models have an innovative smart-flex design that enables the wiper blade to adapt to the curve of the windscreen. This optimises contact, providing perfect results. For those who prefer a more traditional design, the Michelin range also includes a more cost-effective style of wiper that provides streak-free, quiet wiping. The integrated EZ-Lok™ connection system also makes it particularly easy to install. 

Car mats – robust interior protection 

Wet, dirty shoes can make the interior of a vehicle really filthy. Customers can protect the interior of their cars with car mats from Michelin. The universal car mats are made from premium-quality, compression-moulded TPR (thermoplastic elastomer), making them particularly sturdy. They are lightweight, durable and 100 percent recyclable. The vehicle-specific mats are available in two designs and are made from durable, rapid-drying polypropylene fibres. The rubber-grain coating on the back protects against the wet and prevents water ingress, while the fastening system provides a secure hold.  

Eco car-care materials – kinder to the environment 

Customers can use the range of car-care products from Michelin to really pamper their vehicles. Everything from wheel rim cleaners, shampoos and polish to windscreen cleaners can keep cars in tip-top condition when used regularly and help maintain their value. What’s more, this can all be accomplished in an eco-friendly way. With the MICHELIN ECO range of sustainable car-care products, the company is rising to the ecological challenge, while still providing perfect results. These products are free from artificial colourings, allergens, preservatives, biocides, acids and phosphorous, meaning they are also free from any components that damage the environment. Almost 100 percent of the ingredients are of natural origin. Michelin has included the packaging in its sustainability promise – the containers are completely recyclable. 

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