Konserndirektør kjøpte aksjer

Torbjørn Blom-Hagen, konserndirektør i Multiconsult ASA, kjøpte 15. mars 2016 kl. 12:12 2 500 aksjer i Multiconsult ASA på Oslo Børs, kurs 97,00 NOK.

Beholdning etter transaksjonen 2500 aksjer.

Mirza Koristovic
Head of IR, Multiconsult ASA
Tel:  47 93 87 05 25

Om oss

Multiconsult is one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway. The company delivers multidisciplinary consulting and design, project engineering and management, verification, inspection and supervision – to customers in Norway and abroad, focusing on the following sectors: buildings & properties, industry, oil & gas, transportation & infrastructure, energy, environment & natural resources. Visit www.multiconsultgroup.com or www.multiconsult.no for more information.