DiaGenic ASA presenterer rapport for 4. kvartal torsdag den 19. februar kl 08:30. Presentasjonen
avholdes i selskapets lokaler, Grenseveien 92 (Helsfyr), Oslo.

Presentasjonen kan også følges på webcast med følgende link:
Etter presentasjonen vil også webcast være tilgjengelig `on demand` på hjemmesiden under `Investor relations`.

Om oss

DiaGenic ASA is an innovative Norwegian life sciences company founded in 1998 and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. DiaGenic develops patient-friendly tests for the early diagnosis of devastating diseases where early intervention is crucial for successful treatment. DiaGenic’s patented method is based on identifying disease-specific gene signatures from easily available sample material such as blood. DiaGenic's strategy is to work with research and technology partners to develop a pipeline of assays for commercialisation by major diagnostics companies. Currently DiaGenic’s first two tests for the early detection of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are on track to enter extensive clinical trials during 2007. The company has been awarded substantial development grants as part of the Norwegian Research Council’s FUGE programme.