TDC enters the Nordic residential market

August 17, 2005 Version: 1.1 TDC takes its first step to gain a share of the residential broadband market in the other Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

"We see a ten percent growth in the broadband markets in all of the three countries during the next years, and we want part of this growth," says Kim Frimer, President of TDC Solutions. TDC's Nordic launch is the result of the acquisition of Song's extensive Scandinavian telecom infrastructure last fall. With a modest investment in networks and equipment, TDC will gain access to more than half of the residential markets in the three countries. "The acquisition of Song last year was pursued in order to gain new business opportunities in the Nordic countries. It is only a logical and sensible step that we now wish to exploit our investment in the residential market as well," says Kim Frimer. The launch in Sweden will take place before the end of the year, and later on, Norway and Finland will follow. "The element of surprise plays a significant role in a market characterized by such competition, and this is the reason why we do not wish to reveal neither the exact time of launch nor specific products. We can guarantee, however, that the customers have something to look forward to – and our competitors something to think about," says Kim Frimer. For further information, please contact: TDC’s Press Secretariat on tel. +45 70 20 35 10 TDC Song AS Ketil Kivedahl Managing Director Phone: +47 21 50 24 50 Mobile: +47 40 000 450 E- mail: