Nobel Biocare launches Brånemark System# Novum - new teeth in one day on one visit

Nobel Biocare launches Brånemark System® Novum - new teeth in one day on one visit Brånemark System® Novum is a revolutionary new concept that offers new permanent fixed teeth in one day on one visit. This used to take several months and require many visits to a dental specialist. Brånemark System® Novum is based on a high level of standardization. Precision surgery with prefabricated components makes a standardized uniform treatment possible. No impressions or temporary components are needed. The implants are installed in the morning and the patient receives an individually crafted fixed bridge in the afternoon. After about eight hours in the dentist's care, the patient has received permanent new teeth with immediate function. "The launch of Brånemark System® Novum is another milestone in Nobel Biocare's record of bringing new unique and innovative treatment concepts to the benefit of both the clinician and the patient. It is clear that Brånemark System® Novum will open up totally new opportunities for both the dentist and the patient. Many people who thought implant treatment was not for them are now very likely to reconsider", says Jack Forsgren, President. To date more than 300 patients have been treated with the new concept. Sales are expected to develop gradually as Brånemark System® Novum requires additional training and education for the oral surgeon and his team. The new technique is so far available for the edentulous lower jaw and can be used to treat most mandibles. Approx. 15% of all patients missing teeth is estimated to be suitable candidates for Brånemark System® Novum. Brånemark System® Novum. will be gradually rolled out globally. Gothenburg November 20, 2000 NOBEL BIOCARE AB More information is available from: Carsten Browall, Vice President, Dental Implants, Nobel Biocare AB, and Torbjörn Wighagen, Project Manager, Nobel Biocare AB, telephone +46 31- 81 88 00. Nobel Biocare is an innovative, medical devices company, whose core business comprises dental implants and dental prosthetics. The company's ® ® product systems for dental implants, Brånemark System and Steri-Oss , are world leaders and have a global market share of around 40%. ® The company's other product line, Procera , is a unique, IT-based process for the industrial production of dental prosthetics. The system has been launched very successfully in 22 countries. Nobel Biocare has around 1,100 employees and, in 1999, turnover totalled SEK 1 738 million. The company's headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden, while production takes place in Sweden and the USA. Nobel Biocare has its own sales companies in some 20 countries. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Nobel Biocare is the world leader in innovative esthetic dental solutions with the brands Brånemark System® ,Replace® Select and Procera®.Nobel Biocare has around 1,300 employees and, in 2001 net sales totaled SEK 2 663 million. The company's headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nobel Biocare has its own sales organizations in 27 countries. The shares of the parent company Nobel Biocare Holding AG are listed on both the SWX Swiss Exchange and the Stockholm Stock Exchange.