Resolutions at the extraordinary general meeting of Nobina

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At an extraordinary general meeting of Nobina AB (publ) today on 22 February 2022, it was resolved to elect new board members as well as that the company’s remuneration guidelines and instruction for the nomination committee shall no longer apply.

The extraordinary general meeting elected Robert Gregor (chairman), Markus Geisselmann, Wil Jones and Magnus Rosén as new board members for the period until the close of the next annual general meeting as well as resolved to remove Johan Bygge, Liselott Kilaas, Graham Oldroyd, Bertil Persson and Malin Frenning from their positions as board members.

In addition, the extraordinary general meeting resolved that the guidelines for remuneration to the senior executives that were adopted at the annual general meeting 2020 and that the principles for the composition of and instruction for the nomination committee that were adopted at the annual general meeting 2021 shall no longer apply since the shares in Nobina have been delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The extraordinary general meeting was held on the request of OffertoRide Bidco AB (formerly Goldcup 29086 AB), which after declaring the public offer to the shareholders of Nobina unconditional controls approx. 95.9 per cent of all shares and votes in Nobina (excluding the treasury shares held by Nobina).

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Mattias Gelinder, Group Treasurer & Head of IR   +46 72 967 02 61

David Erixon, Head of Communications   +46 72 967 02 84

About Nobina

This is Nobina. We are the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator, with 12,000 employees across four countries. Every day, all year round, one million people choose to travel more sustainably with us. From north to south, in urban and in rural areas. To the next bus stop, or all the way home. Together with our passengers and clients, we are big enough to make a real difference. From a welcoming greeting and a comfortable bus journey, to new smart technology that contributes to more fossil-free travel. A unique opportunity to bring about change.

The Group operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and reported sales of almost SEK 11 billion in 2020/2021. In the Swedish and Danish markets, Nobina also operates special needs transportation under the Samtrans, Göteborgs Buss, Telepass and Ørslev brands, respectively.

Together, we keep society moving every day.

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