Samtrans awarded renewed and expanded contract by the City of Stockholm

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Following the conclusion of the tendering process, the City of Stockholm has chosen to renew and expand its collaboration with Samtrans Omsorgsresor.

The contract will start in March 2022 and the contract value is approximately SEK 240 million over two years, with two optional extension years.

The assignment comprises school and service traffic in the City of Stockholm, in the areas of Western suburbs (Västerort), City centre (Innerstaden), South-eastern suburbs (Sydost) and municipalities in the Southern suburbs (Söderort). A single supplier can be awarded a maximum of five of the seven areas included in the tendering process. Samtrans was awarded four areas, which will involve about 600 vehicles. This represents an increase for the current assignment by approximately 150 vehicles.

“We are pleased that the City of Stockholm has chosen to award us this contract. We look forward to continuing to work together with the City to develop school and service traffic to provide more passengers with a safe and secure journey,” says Tomas Hansson, Managing Director of Samtrans Omsorgsresor.

An important element in the new contract is also to make it easier for children, parents, school staff and other relevant parties to book journeys. At the same time, rigorous demands are placed on an insight into passengers’ varying conditions to travel.

“We perform an important public service role for people with special needs. This places high demands on us to make it easy to book journeys, but also to have a good understanding of what it means to travel under varying conditions and with different needs. We will now work hard to ensure the smooth operation of services for all of our new passengers,” concludes Tomas Hansson, Managing Director of Samtrans Omsorgsresor.

Samtrans is part of the Nobina Group and Henrik Dagnäs, Managing Director of Nobina Sweden, continues:

“Our journey within special needs transportation is clear and stands firm. Nobina has high ambitions in both regular and special public transport services and this agreement with the City of Stockholm secures a continued solid foundation for the onward journey towards a developed industry for even more satisfied customers and the additional benefits this offers to society.”

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David Erixon, Head of Communications +46 72 967 02 84

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