NoHo Partners Plc: Managers' transactions (Närhinen)

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NoHo Partners Plc


NoHo Partners Plc: Managers' transactions (Närhinen)

The managers' transaction announcement is related to an arrangement in which NoHo Partners Plc's management and domestic investors obtained a loan with a right to conversion from Tesi and converted it into new shares of the Company. The Company has announced the subscription of shares on the basis of special rights related to this arrangement in a stock exchange release published today, 13 May 2022.


Person subject to the notification requirement

Name: Yrjö Närhinen

Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member

Issuer: NoHo Partners Oyj



Reference number: 14824/10/10


Transaction date: 2022-05-13

Venue not applicable

Instrument type: SHARE

ISIN: FI4000064332

Nature of the transaction: EXERCISE (RIGHTS, PUT AND CALL OPTIONS)

(X) Executed under portfolio or asset management

Transaction details

(1): Volume: 50000 Unit price: 8.02515 EUR

Aggregated transactions

(1): Volume: 50000 Volume weighted average price: 8.02515 EUR

Additional information:

Jarno Vilponen, CFO, NoHo Partners Plc, tel. +358 40 721 9376

Nasdaq Helsinki
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NoHo Partners Plc is a Finnish group established in 1996, specialising in restaurant services. The company, which was listed on NASDAQ Helsinki in 2013 and which became the first Finnish listed restaurant company, has continued to grow strongly throughout its history. The Group companies include some 250 restaurants in Finland, Denmark and Norway. The well-known restaurant concepts of the company include Elite, Savoy, Teatteri, Stefan’s Steakhouse, Palace, Löyly, Hanko Sushi, Friends & BrgrsCampingen and Cock’s & Cows. Depending on the season, the Group employs approximately 2,100 people converted into full-time employees. The Group aims to achieve turnover of MEUR 400 by the end of 2024. The company’s vision is to be the leading restaurant company in Northern Europe.