Hille Korhonen appointed President and CEO of Nokian Tyres plc

Nokian Tyres plc Stock Exchange Release  March 28, 2017 9.30 a.m.

The Board of Directors of Nokian Tyres plc has appointed Licentiate of Science (Technology) Hille Korhonen (born 1961) as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokian Tyres plc. She will start in Nokian Tyres on June 1st, 2017.

”We are very pleased to bring on Hille Korhonen as CEO. We conducted an extensive international recruitment process. Nokian Tyres is in excellent shape, and Hille Korhonen brings extensive leadership experience and excellent brand expertise to this position”, says Petteri Walldén, Chairman of the Board of Directors.  

Hille Korhonen has more than 20 years of experience in international consumer business and of leading global industrial operations. Before joining Nokian Tyres, Korhonen has been member of the executive team of Fiskars Oyj Abp (2008–2012) and Iittala corporation (2003–2008). Korhonen has worked as CEO of Alko Oy since 2013. Korhonen has been Member of the Board of Nokian Tyres plc since 2006. She will not stand for election to Member of the Board for Nokian Tyres in the General Meeting of 2017.

Andrei Pantioukhov has acted as Interim President and CEO since January 2017 and will continue in this role until Korhonen assumes her duties as CEO. After June 1st, 2017 Pantioukhov will continue on as the Executive Vice President of Nokian Tyres plc, General Manager, Russian operations and as member of the Group’s management team.

Curriculum vitae and photo of Hille Korhonen are available on Nokian Tyres’ website at https://www.nokiantyres.com/company/investors/corporate-governance/board-of-directors/

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Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer. The company promotes and facilitates safe driving in demanding conditions. It supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges on tyre performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons. Nokian Tyres’ product development is consistently aiming for sustainable solutions for safety and the environment, taking into account the whole life cycle of the tyre. A part of the Nokian Tyres group, the tyre chain Vianor has  approximately 1,500 outlets in 27 countries. In 2016 Nokian Tyres had approximately 4,400 employees and net sales of approximately 1,4 billion euros. Nokian Tyres’ share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. Further information: www.nokiantyres.com