New Nokian WR Snowproof – peace of mind for wintry ways

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First class safety and exceptional grip for all forms of winter

The new Nokian WR Snowproof is a safe and reliable winter tire specially developed for Central European passenger car drivers. The tire’s most important characteristic is superb winter safety giving drivers peace of mind in sudden snowfalls and slushy lane changes.

Unexpected changes in winter weather are common these days all across Europe. The Nokian WR Snowproof is a new premium winter tire crafted to offer state-of-the-art safety for varying winter journeys. Whether you drive on urban traffic, speedy autobahns or scenic mountain roads, it provides an exceptional combination of first class grip and predictable and balanced driving experience, meeting the needs of Central European winter drivers.

According to the consumer survey conducted by Nokian Tyres, almost 60% of drivers in Central Europe said specialized winter tires are the most important car safety equipment in winter. In the same survey, nearly 70% considered good grip and handling as the most valuable winter tire characteristics, while safety in extreme situations like on snow, and tire's grip on slushy roads made it to the top three.*

Alpine Sense Grip – Excellent winter grip, enjoyable handling

The new Nokian WR Snowproof provides excellent winter grip on snow, slush, and wet roads alike – a feature that drivers expect and many times actually need. The firm grip is based on the new Alpine Sense Grip concept, while the unique Alpine Grip rubber compound ensures that the tire performs well across a wide temperature range from mild to cold winter conditions. In this eco-friendly premium tire, each tread block and sipe has a specific role, supporting safe and comfortable driving. Handling is balanced and easy to control even under surprising conditions. The Nokian WR Snowproof comes with a very low rolling resistance, which means less fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

- Cornering on slushy roads and sudden lane changes to avoid wild animals, for example, are challenges for drivers. In line with our product development philosophy, the new Nokian WR Snowproof acts like a seat belt, maximizing safety at the extremes. It remains controlled and reliable at the grip limits. Our Alpine Sense Grip concept allows our winter tire to adapt to weather variations, providing much-needed grip and control for the most extreme driving situations even before the car’s electronic safety systems are activated, says Marko Rantonen, Product Development Manager for Nokian Tyres.

Versatile premium tire range available in autumn 2019

The new tire is offered in speed categories Q (160km/h), T (190km/h), H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h), and its comprehensive size selection covers 55 products from 14 to 20 inches. The new Nokian WR Snowproof will be available to consumers in autumn 2019. Nokian Tyres’ versatile winter tire range for passenger cars also includes Nokian WR D4 and Nokian WR A4. The extensive range for modern car models covers nearly 150 sizes.

The Nokian WR Snowproof is developed by Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer and the inventor of the winter tire. The company holds over hundred winter safety patents and is a global leader in safety and sustainability.

Nokian WR Snowproof – Peace of mind for wintry ways

  • First class grip on snowy, slushy, and wet roads
  • Predictable and balanced driving experience
  • Smooth rolling saves fuel and preserves the environment

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*Winter tire survey 2019. The data is based on an online panel survey taken in December 2018-January 2019 by Nokian Tyres in cooperation with YouGov research company. The survey was conducted in five countries (Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic) with a sample of 500-2,000 respondents from each country.

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