Company announcement no. 55, 2019 – Issuance of bonds funding Kort Rente (CITA) and CIBOR loans

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In connection to the refinancing of Kort Rente and CIBOR loans per 1 July 2019, new bonds have been opened, which supplement the existing bonds.

Below is shown which bonds - taking into account the Supervisory Diamond – Nordea Kredit will use to finance new Kort Rente and CIBOR loans:

Kort Rente (CITA) CIBOR loan
Current issuance DK0002041458,
expiry date 1 July 2023
expiry date 1 July 2022
Refinancing 1 July 2019           DK0002044395,
expiry date 1 July 2022
expiry date 1 July 2023
New lending DK0002044395 is used as of 8
July 2019 when issuing loan offers.
Loan offers issued before 8 July will be funded by DK0002041458.          
DK0002041532 is still used when
issuing loan offers.When switching to another bond is decided a company announcement
will be published.

If you have further questions please contact Nordea Long Term Funding, Peter Brag phone
+45 33 33 16 63 and Lau Kingo phone +45 33 33 17 51.

Kind regards,

Nordea Kredit Realkreditaktieselskab