Delisting of Nordea Smart Beta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF

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The Board of Directors of Nordea Markets ETF has decided to remove the share classes of the Sub-Fund, Nordea Smart Beta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The decision is based, and in accordance with the Prospectus dated October 2019, on the fact that the NAV of the Sub-Fund has been less than EUR20 million for a significant period.

Therefore, Nordea Markets ETF will apply for delisting from Nasdaq Stockholm of:

Share class name ISIN
Nordea Markets ETF - Nordea Smart Beta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF – Class I (EUR) ACC LU1820829452
Nordea Markets ETF - Nordea Smart Beta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF – Class R (EUR) ACC LU1769747533


The last day of trading will be announced as soon as Nordea Markets ETF has received confirmation from Nasdaq Stockholm.


For more information:
Carl Christenson, Head of ETFs & Index Solutions at Nordea +46 8-407 90 78



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