Nordea Markets ETF launches an Exchange Traded Fund

Nordea Markets ETF is launching its first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The ETF follows an underlying index with an excellent track record. The ETF has a clear sustainability focus and is suitable for private investors as well as professional investors.

The 17thof September Nordea Markets ETF[1] is launching the Nordea SmartBeta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF (the “SmartBeta ETF”). Its underlying index is a factor-based equity strategy[2] with an excellent track record. The ETF is suitable for both private and professional investors and the recommended holding period is at least five years.

The SmartBeta ETF tracks Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Multifactor ESG Eurozone Index, an index designed by Nordea in cooperation with Nasdaq consisting of equities from the eurozone with high dividend yield, low beta vs. the market, and positive performance relative the market. The holdings in the indices are systematically selected based on predefined rules. The index is rebalanced every quarter to always follow the given investment strategy. More information about the index and how it is calculated is provided in the index rules.

The SmartBeta ETF is part of the Nordea IndexGo concept – The Nordea Markets ETF platform – which offers sophisticated investments in an easy way.

“At Nordea Markets, we have a clear-cut ambition to create sophisticated investment strategies in a straightforward, transparent and cost-efficient way, and to make these strategies available to the general public. It is therefore with great pride and pleasure that we can now offer the first Nordea IndexGo ETF, which will be listed on the stock exchange on 17thof September”, comments Carl Christenson, Head of ETFs & Index Solutions at Nordea.

Sustainability is key to stock selection for the SmartBeta ETF. Only companies which have a good ESG[3] profile according to our analytical model, may qualify for selection in the Index. The SmartBeta fund therefore takes account of international environmental, social and governance standards when selecting equities and other securities.

“As both a global index provider and a trading venue, Nasdaq is delighted to work with Nordea on this new index, and at the same time welcome Nordea Markets ETF as a new issuer of exchange-traded funds. Nasdaq has an ability as well as the responsibility to enable more sustainable investments, and products such as Nordea SmartBeta Eurozone Equity UCITS ETF is a step in that direction. We look forward to the opportunity to offer trading in an ETF that takes account of both our wallets and our world,” comments Helena Wedin, European Head of exchange-traded products at Nasdaq.

The SmartBeta fund is listed in SEK on Nasdaq Stockholm, and fund units can be bought and sold during regular trading hours as of 17thof September 2018.

For more information, please contact
Carl Christenson, Head of ETFs & Index Solutions at Nordea, +46 70 227 02 52
Afroditi Kellberg, Chief Press Officer, Nordea SE, +46 73 350 55 99

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[1] Nordea Markets ETF is a SICAV registered in Luxembourg and qualifying as an undertaking for collective investments in transferable securities (“UCITS”). Nordea Markets ETF is structured as an umbrella vehicle with the possibility of different sub-funds.
[2] The investment strategy is based on three factors: momentum, dividend and beta.
[3] ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance



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