Christiania Bank - elections - decision on dividend

Christiania Bank - elections - decision on dividend In its meeting on 15 February 2001 the Supervisory Board of Christiania Bank elected Hans Dalborg new Chairman for one year. Tom Ruud was elected Deputy Chairman for one year. The Supervisory Board resolved to recommend to the Annual General Meeting that the Board of Directors' proposal for Statement of Income and Balance Sheet for the Parent Bank and the Group, including appropriation of net profit, be adopted. The Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors in a joint meeting on the same day set the dividend to NOK 2.00 per share. The joint meeting decided to employ Baard Syrrist as Managing Director of Christiania Bank. The Supervisory Board elected Thorleif Krarup Chairman of the Board, and Lars G Nordström Deputy Chairman, both for a period of two years. The Supervisory Board elected the following Board Members for a period of two years: - Markku Pohjola - Carl-Johan Granvik - Carl Erik Krefting - Kristin Clemet - Liv Irene Haug (employee representative) - Solveig Krogstad Willumsen and Steinar Nickelsen were elected first and second deputy member, respectively, for Liv Irene Haug. - In addition, according to Norwegian law, Managing Director Baard Syrrist is a member of the Board The Supervisory Board elected Tom Ruud Member of the Election Committee for the Supervisory Board representing the shareholder, and Richard Jansen Member representing the employees. For further information: Sigurd Carlsen, Chief Financial Officer, Christiania Bank, +47 22 48 69 51, +47 90 83 55 57 Kjell Flø, Media Relations, +47 22 48 50 24, +47 90 18 77 48 Erik Evrén, Group Media Relations, +46 8 614 86 11 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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