NGM list the first exchange traded product on Litecoin and XRP

At the end of this week XBT Provider will list exchange traded products with Litecoin and XRP as underlying assets at NGM. Litecoin will start trading as of April 4 and XRP as of April 5, 2019.

“This is first and foremost a win for investors, especially those in Sweden who have demonstrated such strong support of prior crypto offerings. As an industry, it is important for us to listen, though with caution, to the requests of our investors and respond in kind. We are very excited to be part of making history here with the first ever LTC and XRP tracking products; and look forward to continuing to collaborate closely with XBT Provider on behalf of investors interested in new offerings” says Tommy Fransson, NGM Deputy CEO.

"Swedish and European investors have access to two new crypto assets (in EUR and SEK), Litecoin and XRP, on a regulated exchange — this tremendous achievement would not have been possible without solid collaboration and diligence from the NGM team and all their Swedish partners. We have been very impressed by their approach to business and the breadth of their expertise in the time we have allocated ourselves to admit our trackers to listing. We look forward to a continued close collaboration to break more new ground for investors. We believe these trackers are the right vehicle for the financial markets to obtain exposure to crypto assets through trusted brokers and XBT Provider’s track record only confirms its willingness to develop and expand its product range building on it's already solid base," says Laurent Kssis MD of XBT Provider.

For more information, please contact: 

Tommy Fransson                                                          Laurent Kssis                                       

Deputy CEO                                                                 Managing Director

Nordic Growth Market                                                    XBT Provider AB                      

+46 8 566 390 49                                                          +46 8 519 725 35                                                           

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Nordic Growth Market NGM AB (NGM) is an authorized stock exchange with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The exchange is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart, the leading retail exchange in Germany. NGM offers a complete marketplace for exchange traded products and provides a complete platform for companies wishing to list shares. For more information about NGM, visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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XBT Provider is the Swedish-domiciled issuer of digital asset tracking - bitcoin, ether, litecoin and XRP - exchange-traded products; all of which are first of their kind in their respective categories. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoinShares, the digital asset managers. For more information on XBT Provider or its platform of crypto-tracking exchange traded products, please visit


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Nordic Growth Market (NGM) is an authorized exchange with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The exchange was founded in 1984 and is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart, Germany’s leading exchange for private investors. We offer a complete market place for exchange-traded investment products and provide a complete arena for companies that want to become quoted or listed. For more information about NGM, visit


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