Drilling of High Purity Quartz deposit completed

Nordic Mining’s subsidiary Nordic Quartz AS has completed the drilling program at its High Purity Quartz deposit in Kvinnherad municipality in western Norway. The preliminary results from the drilling show that quartz was intersected in all of the 6 drill holes.

Exploration Manager Mona Schanche comments: “We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the drilling program for the quartz deposit. Detailed analysis and modeling of the deposit will be carried out in order to make a qualified resource estimate for the deposit.”

The Kvinnherad quartz deposit is a 600 meter long quartz vein situated about 300 meters above sea level (“m.a.s.l.”). Surface mapping shows that the vein has a width varying between 10 to 45 meters. The centre of the vein generally contains massive pure quartz, while a greater degree of mixing with the host gneiss rock is seen towards the contact. The vein is classified into two categories: “massive quartz” containing more than 90% quartz, and “transitional quartz” with quartz content between 25% and 90%.

Dorfner Anzaplan has previously carried out extensive analyses and processing tests, documenting that quartz products similar to the purest qualities on the market can be made. Tests of blasted surface samples show that high purity quartz products can be made from both the “transitional” and “massive quartz”.

The aim of the drilling program is to make a JORC compliant resource estimate for the deposit. 6 drill holes were drilled as showed in figure 1. One of the drill holes, BH 3c, aimed at intersecting the deeper parts of the vein and was drilled down to about 64 m.a.s.l.

Figure 1: Drill hole locations and indicated position of quartz vein in light blue (not derived from drill hole data)

Logging of the drill cores (visual inspection) shows that several meters of transitional and massive quartz were intersected in all holes. Table 1 summarises the results from the logging and shows the meters of quartz that was found in each drill hole.

BH ID Elevation start of hole (m.a.s.l.) Elevation end hole (m.a.s.l.) Length of hole (m) Total quartz zone* (m) Massive quartz zone (m)
BH 1 283 234 62 41.7 7.8
BH 2 281 209 105 82.8 29.6
BH 3a 231 204 66 37.2 20.4
BH 3b 231 150 97 53.2 12.5
BH 3c 231 65 176 70.9 15.5
BH 4 309 205 121 97.8 57.5

Table 1: Summary of drilling

*The total quartz zone refers to the total of both the transitional quartz and the massive quartz found in the drilling core. The quartz zones are the measured lengths of quartz found in the drill holes and not calculated true width. The true width will vary according to the dip of the deposit, and the dip and direction of the drill holes, and will be modeled and reported at a later stage.

The drill cores will be subject to chemical testing and analysis in order to investigate the variations and purity of the quartz deposit. The data from logging and analysis will be used to make an updated resource model of the deposit. Qualified geologist, Mr. Lars-Åke Claesson from Mirab Mineral AB is engaged in supervising and resource estimation in accordance with the JORC code. The results are expected early 2016.

For further information please contact Exploration Manager Mona Schanche, telephone +47 922 81 253.

Oslo, 5 November 2015
Nordic Mining ASA

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