Positive test results for Engebø garnet

Nordic Mining is developing its world class rutile deposit at Engebø in Naustdal municipality on the Norwegian west coast. In addition to production of a high grade rutile concentrate (TiO2), Nordic Mining plans to produce garnet as a commercial by-product.
Results from recent testing of garnet concentrate show that garnet from Engebø can be used as an abrasive media in waterjet cutting. The tests, done in cooperation with a leading international minerals producer, verify that the Engebø garnet meets international standards of comparative products for advanced waterjet applications. Quality and pricewise garnet for waterjet applications represents the higher end of the garnet market.
A trial batch of 16 kg of 80 mesh waterjet grade garnet at about 95% purity was produced from the Engebø ore and used for making comparative cutting tests in a waterjet machine. A number of comparative test runs were made and the cutting performance of the Engebø garnet was within the range of test results from established products in the market for waterjet garnet.
"The test results strengthen our view that the Engebø project has a high quality by-product and support our plans to produce garnet concentrate at the rutile processing plant at Engebø", comments CEO Ivar S. Fossum in Nordic Mining.
For further information please contact CEO Ivar S. Fossum on telephone +47 - 930 96 850.
Oslo, 9 March 2009
Nordic Mining ASA