Further problems in Bäckhammar

After last Monday´s start-up problems, the production in Nordic Paper’s mill Bäckhammar is still not running. However, according to the company’s latest measurements, the water looks a lot better in the creek Visman.
Nordic Paper has taken actions to prevent further blockage of the effluent from the damaged floor drain, which was the main problem at the start of last week, and further action is taken during this week.

During the weekend, work on restoring water treatment to normal function has been ongoing. In order to get the biodegrading of substances to work normally again, we have added bio culture and, also, the treatment plant has been re-circulated to continuously process/clean the sewage.
For the biology to recover, oxygenation is taking place and during the weekend nutrition was added. All of the mentioned measures have had positive results - yesterday the water treatment seemed to work again.

Simultaneously, we work to ensure stable conditions for a safe start-up of production. An example, among other things, is that we have lowered the levels in our cisterns.
Nordic Paper is consulting and having continuous dialogue with the local supervisory authority. The start-up of the factory will only be done when we can ensure to not exceed environmental limits.

The overall focus of our actions is to restore our biological treatment and to ensure a safe start-up of the production without any disturbances on our recipient, the creek Visman.
"Our focus is on the environmental situation and we continue to regret what has happened. Last weekend’s taken actions and the ones which are still in progress are to ensure a good and safe start-up without any disruptions to the creek Visman", said Marie Stenquist, Communications Director.
"We take this very seriously and we work day and night with the environmental situation. The measures have given positive results.” 

For more info, please contact:

Marie Stenquist

Director of Corporate Communications/PR