New web - new look

Nordic Paper continue the work of taking the company to the next level. Not only when it comes to production but also communicatively. The last month the company has released a new website and also a new branding movie. 

The new web is supposed to make it easier for the visitors to keep track of the activities within the company. Also the web has got a "face lift" and has now been adapted as it is responsive in tablets and mobile phones.

To communicate in a similar way, whatever it´s about imagery or written language, is important.

Nordic Paper has during the last year worked with this kind of language to make the company more accessible both for customers, employees and random site visitors. This new look chosen is breathing Scandinavia, the north but also nature.

- Having a web site that feels modern and updated is really important these days. And of course the fact that it´s adapted to mobile devices. This is one of most importand chanels when it comes to external communication, and I really hope that people will appreciate it, says Marie Stenquist, Corporate Communications/PR.

Nordic Paper is an independent company which provides top quality paper and although the company, that has the headquarter in the middle of Sweden with the forrest just outside the door, has been around for a long time, we also need to be updated in the digitized world.

The new website has a smarter search function which will make it easier to get in touch with the right person within the company.

You will find the new site here:

About Us

Nordic Paper is a leading producer of Greaseproof paper and Kraft Paper.We are located in Scandinavia and operates in Sweden and Norway. Our four paper mills and two pulp mills are all within 250 kilometers of one another.We have been manufacturing special paper for a range of applications since the late 19th century. Our expert knowledge of paper manufacturing has been passed down through generations.We use only renewable forestry resources in our manufacturing processes. Everything we do, we do with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, which is witnessed by the many certification processes we have satisfied.Our motto is that we always are near, natural and premium!For more information, please visit:




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