Nordic Paper and the Swedish National Bakery Team in new cooperation

We are happy to announce that Nordic Paper has finalized an agreement to become a main sponsor of the Swedish National Bakery Team.
The cooperation means that Nordic Paper and the bakery team will work together with product improvements and promotion.
Sweden is well known both in the international baker’s context as well as paper industry. Together, these two parties make a great combination!

-        We use a big amount bakery paper, both during competitions but also when we practice and in our all day work at different bakery’s. It´s a necessity to have a paper that can be trusted, where the buns don´t get stuck and which you can use several times. It´s also important that there is a parchment paper that we are absolutely certain contain no added chemicals, says the team coach Håkan Johansson, the world´s best baker.
The current national team consists of several happy and close-knit bakers who are all led by Håkan Johansson, who won the title as the world´s best baker in the individual World Championships in Paris.
Nordic Paper look forward to a close cooperation with Håkan and his team. The Bakery Team are the world´s top bakers and they will contribute to Nordic Paper’s product development process with their knowledge to ensure new products are developed that are perfect for their needs and the needs of bakers everywhere. 
-        This team really know this niche, so this will be great, says Marie Stenquist, Corporate Communications/PR.

CEO of the Swedish National Bakery Team, Martin Lundell is also pleased with the agreement.
- The Swedish National Bakery Team highlights Swedish bakery knowledge and stands for the very best quality. We care a lot about what kind of ingredients we use and already have good partnerships there. Our new sponsor Nordic Paper stands for the same values as we do. It´s locally produced and of the highest quality. Here we get access to a natural greaseproof paper from a Swedish company. Together we can highlight Swedish values, he comments. 

Please watch the film clip with the Swedish National Bakery Team greeting!

Marie Stenquist

Corporate Communications/PR


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