Nordic Paper goes pink

Nordic Paper usually has a blue logo. But during October we will be pink!
The reason? Simply that we care!
We have decided to support the Cancer Foundation and their campaign agains breast cancer that is ongoing all over the world, every year - Pink Ribbon.

By selling a ton of sheeted Greasproof paper through an action where the buyer can place their bids, Nordic Paper is supporting the campaign Pink Ribbon.
The selling amount for this ton will go directly to Cancer Foundation and their Pink Ribbon Campaign.

Once a week we will update our social media with the company name that has offered the highest bid. The auction will start 1th of October and end the last of October. 

The sheeted paper is of course a Natural Greaseproof paper and the only difference between the ordinary paper that we usually sell and this auctioned paper is that this ton is delivered in pink boxes. And of course the fact that the selling amount is donated to Cancer Foundation and Pink Ribbon.

This means that the buyer also contributes to the cancer research!

Pink Ribbon campaign is held every year and the purpose is to finance cancer research , but also to support breast cancer pations, survivors and their families all over the world. It´s an internationally operationg charity organization aimed to create a global community for these purposes.

Nordic Paper is an international company that manufactures both Greaseproof paper and Kraft Paper. We are among the biggest manufacturers in the wold and we want to be a part of the amazing work that colors, not only Sweden, but hopefullly most of the world pink during a mont due to a good cause.Therefore we really hope that a lot of people and companies around us becomes a part of this!

- The design of the pink boxes is specially developed by a Swedish designer, Maria K Back at Whiter Shade, for this campaign and we really hope that there will be a lot of buyers that place their bids since we are sending the selling amount directly to the Pink Ribbon , says Marie Stenquist, Corporate Communications/PR manager at Nordic Paper.

Marie Stenquist

Corporate Communications/PR


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