Start-up at Nordic Paper Bäckhammar mill

Start-up of the mill will take place during the day. The paper machines will follow the pulp mill and start when there is enough pulp to produce paper.

Main focus within the organization is now to do a stabile and safe start-up, both for humans and the environment.

During the long stop we have been working on securing the purification function in our treatment plant and to make sure that the mill is in good conditions for a restart.

The root causes of the previous problems that caused the stop have been clarified. The company have made both short-terms and long-terms actions, in order to ensure this will not happen again. Now we feel confident to resume production.

During the shut down period we have been in a constant dialogue with both authorities and neighbours to the mill in Bäckhammar.

-        All of our co-worker has during this period done a fantastic job and all of us are now looking forward to resume the production, says Marie Stenquist, Corporate Communications Director.