Start up problems in Bäckhammar mill

The Nordic Paper mill in Bäckhammar has had a maintenance stop. However, at the scheduled start-up, problems occurred.

A floor drain for clean water was damaged and stopped in its outflow, which resulted in large amounts of fresh water entering to the factory system. During its flow, the water, among other things, picked up large amounts of soap, which then flowed to the internal treatment plant. As the soap is hard to separate from water, it went on to the creek Visman.
The consequence of this is low levels of oxygen in the water, as well as heavily discolored water. Emergency actions were taken immediately but large amounts of water are difficult to stop from flowing.
The problems mean that the start-up of the operation is severely delayed, since we are fully focused on ensuring the environmental situation.
Among different emergency measures, we have increased water flow from other sources to get a cleaner water in Visman. This is to help the acute environmental situation.
The situation is unacceptable, and we can only regret and apologize that it happened. We work around the clock to address the environmental problems.

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Marie Stenquist

Director of Corporate Communications/PR


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