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Media Release 3G-type Wireless Navigation in today's 2G Networks - Wayfinder Systems Launches the World's First Navigation Product for Nokia Series 60 Mobile Phones Lund, Sweden - January 14, 2003 Wayfinder Systems, a global provider of wireless navigation, mapping and traffic information services and technologies, today announces the launch of the new Wayfinder(TM) wireless navigation product at Comdex Scandinavia in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wireless navigation and location-based services have been regarded as major services of the future 3G networks. Wayfinder Systems is today able to launch these types of services on a 2G mobile phone over existing 2G GSM/GPRS networks! The Wayfinder(TM) offers step-by-step navigation and location-based services such as "Find the nearest gas station" or "Find-my-friend". "This is a truly wireless system that offers major advantages for both users and network operators", says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Wayfinder Systems. "The user gets a very useful service on an ordinary phone that he/she brings on all travels, and the operator can immediately start to get revenues from its existing network!" The Wayfinder(TM) solution is the first of its kind in the world and this first version of the product consists of a Nokia Series 60 phone, for example Nokia 7650 or 3650, and a Bluetooth-equipped GPS. "Wayfinder(TM) is a very good example of the powerful applications you can develop for the Nokia Series 60 phones. With this product, both users and operators can take full advantage of location-based services already today", says Tapio Mansikkaniemi, Service enabler manager, location at Nokia Mobile Phones. In contrast to in-car navigation systems that use on-board computers with CD-ROM or DVD drives, Wayfinder(TM) uses a powerful Internet-based server software capable of calculating thousands of routes and searches per second. The server stores comprehensive maps, points of interests, company information and real-time traffic information. The phone connects to the Wayfinder(TM) server thus providing a powerful off-board and up-to-date navigation solution for the user. The user can enter the destination in many ways: Either by using the keypad of the phone or log on to the personal navigation page on the Internet or call a call-center for the destination. The route will then automatically be downloaded to the phone in only a few seconds and presented to the user by voice, pictures and maps as he/she drives. The user interface is extremely easy to use and the system can be used throughout Europe and North America and wherever else a digital map is available. The Wayfinder(TM) solution gives the user several advantages: · The map is always up-to-date · The solution provides the widest map coverage · You can enter the destination in many ways, both inside and outside the car and through a call-center · The solution gives access to personalised databases such as favourite destinations and points of interests · The solution also gives access to company information such as yellow pages and other types of points of interests · Traffic information is taken into consideration when routes are calculated · The route is calculated and downloaded extremely fast compared to traditional systems · The solution is completely portable and versatile and can be used inside the vehicle as well as while walking or biking · The solution can easily be integrated with other existing business systems for professional users · The service is operator independent · The solution can use GSM, GPRS as well as future 3G networks · The product can easily be upgraded for additional functionality such as a drivers journal in the future · The solution has substantially lower cost of ownership than traditional navigation systems The product is bought as a package with the Bluetooth-equipped GPS and comes with a monthly service subscription that gives the user unlimited usage. The product can be ordered now, while other countries in Europe will follow during the first half of 2003. About Wayfinder Systems Wayfinder Systems AB is a global provider of wireless navigation, mapping and traffic information services and technologies for telecom operators, car manufacturers, fleet management companies, Internet Service Providers and information service providers. The solutions from Wayfinder Systems are based on the flexible and scalable server architecture that performs ultra-fast and optimal searches, based on personal preferences, actual journey time and traffic situation, of both local and remote databases. This architecture also adds geocoding, reverse geocoding and positioning enhancements to location platforms with adapted interfaces for most mobile devices of today. The server platform also provides a comprehensive XML API for an easy and seamless integration into other LBS systems and business applications. For more information visit: For more information please contact: Martin Wenhov Director Business Development E-mail: Mobile: +46 (0)703 20 75 11 Phone: +46 (0)46 23 52 65 Magnus Nilsson CEO E-mail: Phone: +46 46 23 52 64 © Wayfinder Systems AB. 2003 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: