Nordisk Bergteknik hired in wind power project Twin Peaks in Västernorrland

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Nordisk Bergteknik has been hired in the wind power project Twin Peaks in Västernorrland where 39 wind turbines are to be mounted in the beginning of 2024. The project is in line with Nordisk Bergteknik’s ambition to play an active role in the current transformation towards a more sustainable society and responds to the constant increase in demand for renewably generated electricity.

Nordisk Bergteknik has been hired for an assignment to prepare the terrain for the project Twin Peaks, which requires drilling and excavation of rock in order to make way for roads as well as foundations of the wind turbines. The project is divided into two main locations, Ranasjö and Salsjö, which are situated 15 kilometres apart from each other and will accommodate 25 and 14 wind turbines respectively. Nordisk Bergteknik’s assignment is estimated to begin in the end of November 2021 and continue throughout the first half year of 2022.

“It is very encouraging to shortly be able to initiate the work with Twin Peaks’ wind farm. Our engagement in the project is completely in line with our ambition to play an active role in the intensified transformation towards a more sustainable society. We have modern machinery and a clear focus on sustainability, which will lead to additional business opportunities”, says Andreas Christoffersson, CEO of Nordisk Bergteknik.

Nordisk Bergteknik has been contracted to perform services for Stenger & Ibsen, the subcontractor who is hired by Arise, who in turn is one of Sweden’s leading players within renewable energy. The British fund provider The Renewable Infrastructure Group, also known as TRIG, and the fund manager Infrared Capital Partners stand behind the investment.

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Andreas Christoffersson, CEO, e-mail:, tel: +46 70-621 1928

About Nordisk Bergteknik

Nordisk Bergteknik has a clear growth strategy with the objective to contribute to the development of a future sustainable society. Our companies are specialists within rock handling and foundation solutions, and through compassion and skill they are able to combine demand with the surrounding natural conditions. Our day-to-day life, foundation and future lie in the ability to contribute and build modern societal functions at an early stage in the process.

Leading skills of the industry

Our group companies have experience that stretches back to the 1960s. The foundation is knowledge, skill and comfort, with a constant strive towards conducting assignments with the utmost quality and safety. We are used to all types of environments and work with both smaller assignments as well as larger projects, and we offer services both above and below ground. Constant effort is allocated towards the equipment, tools, machines and vehicles of our companies. We strive to sustain a well-maintained and modern fleet of machines in order to keep the working environment and operational safety in primary condition


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