Increased criminality rates can be tackled by the latest information technology

Increased criminality rates can be tackled by the latest information technology -A new web-based law enforcement office has been created by Norn ICS - As criminality is constantly finding new ways of infiltrating our lives not only on a local scale, but at a global level, our investigation methods must likewise find new means to collect and process information, be it the local experience of a police officer or the results of international crime prevention efforts. Designed for small units as well as larger clusters of units - even nationwide, Mycroft will be an attractive investigation tool for police authorities and security companies worldwide, to reduce the burden of everyday paperwork and automatically share knowledge and conclusions with colleagues and partners, says Roger Blidmo, president for Norn ICS AB. Apart from battling crime, the Mycroft program is also suited for handling information from large scale accidents and catastrophes. In literature, Mycroft was the anonymous brother of Sherlock Holmes, who helped the famous detective to solve every complicated crime case, according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Now Mycroft exists in reality - as one of the worlds first complete systems for investigation of crimes and large-scale accidents. Mycroft 48 has been developed by the Swedish company Norn ICS AB, with support from NUTEK (the Swedish Business Development Agency) in co-operation with experienced crime investigators and criminologists. Mycroft 48 is a modern central for information processing where facts and circumstantial evidence surrounding victims, locations, motives, suspects etc are collected, revised, analyzed and presented to form a coherent foundation for solving crime in a more systematic and scientific manner than ever before possible. The number "48" comes from the first 48 hours of a crime investigation, that have proven to be the most critical in solving any complex crime. The information influx is most intense then and the information must be easy to overview, analyze, delegate, spread and enrich. Today, a large proportion of this work is still done manually in lack of effective collaborative instruments. The development of the Mycroft programs was initiated in 1996 with the aid of development loans from NUTEK. During 2000 and 2001, Mycroft48 has been completely adapted to the web, enabling it to be employed in an intranet or extranet situation together with required security solutions. Mycroft is available as two separate packages; one for general investigation procedures, applicable to security companies etc, and one for police departments. Mycroft has been developed with software from Lotus Corporation and can be run from a whole range of servers and operating systems. Clients can use the program in all web-enabled computer environments. Security is dynamically set by organization and role, and all communication is encrypted. For more information and/or a demonstration: Roger Blidmo, VD Norn ICS AB: +46 (0)8 590 848 18, +46 (0)70 593 9392 Email: or ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: