Norse aims for ticket sales to start in late March and the first flight to take off in the second quarter

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Norse Atlantic Airways is gearing up for the launch of affordable transatlantic flights. The airline aims to launch ticket sales by the end of March and the first commercial flight to take off in the second quarter from Oslo to a U.S. destination. Pilot training has commenced, and cabin crew training will start shortly.  

“Future customers and supporters on both sides of the Atlantic are reaching out to us every day asking about when they can start buying tickets, when we will be airborne and not least what routes we will be offering. We are thrilled about the interest in the market and can confirm that our goal is to launch ticket sales by the end of March and our first flight to take off in the second quarter,” said CEO Bjørn Tore Larsen of Norse. The first flight will depart from Oslo to a U.S. destination. 

“We are working on finalizing our route network and look forward to announcing our destinations when we open for sale,” he added. 

Pilot and cabin crew recruitment 

The company received more than 3,000 applications to its initial 50 pilot positions based in Oslo and training has now commenced. The first cabin crew base will be established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and training of the first class of a total of more than 400 team members will start in a few weeks. Cabin crew bases in other locations will be established in line with increased operation. 

“Our people will be our competitive advantage. We are building a high-performance culture and creating an environment where we value diversity, ensuring that all colleagues feel a sense of belonging. We are very pleased with the colleagues we have recruited so far,” Larsen said. 

Norse has signed collective bargaining agreements with pilot and cabin crew unions in Norway, the U.S. and UK.  

Dreamliner fleet 

Norse has a fleet of modern and more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The company has taken delivery of four aircraft that are currently parked at Oslo Airport. The remaining 11 will be delivered consecutively in the coming months. The company will start cautiously and gradually add capacity in line with demand. 

“We believe that transatlantic travel will resume with full force once the pandemic is behind us. People will want to explore new destinations, visit friends and family and travel for business. Norse will be there to offer attractive and affordable flights on our more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners to both leisure and cost-conscious business travelers,” Larsen added. 

Norse received its Air Operator Certificate by Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority in December 2021. The airline received a Foreign Air Carrier Permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation in January.  

About Norse Atlantic Airways

Norse Atlantic Airways is a new airline that will offer affordable fares on long-haul flights, primarily between Europe and the United States. The company was founded by CEO and major shareholder Bjørn Tore Larsen in March 2021. Norse has a fleet of 15 modern, fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners that will serve destinations including New York, Florida, Paris, London and Oslo, among others.