Norse Atlantic Airways and the Norwegian Pilots' Association sign collective agreement for Norway-based pilots

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Norse and the company's pilots’ association have signeda collective agreement that is valid until March 2024. The parties are represented by NHO Luftfart/NHO and Norsk Flygerforbund/LO, respectively. The agreement is the result of a constructive dialogue that commenced when Norse launched its plans for long-haul flights earlier this year. 

“We are very pleased with the agreement we have entered into with the Norwegian Pilots' Association. This is a collaboration that will contribute to creating many new pilot jobs in Norway and which is important for strengthening intercontinental traffic from Oslo Airport and the tourism industry in Norway. The negotiations have been characterized by professionalism, trust, enthusiasm and a common goal of building an airline with long-term jobs and an inclusive culture that will give us an important competitive advantage,” said CEO and founder Bjørn Tore Larsen of Norse. 

For Norse, the agreement means that the company will have a predictable and good framework for establishing and developing the business. The Norwegian Pilots' Association looks forward to collaborating with and further developing Norwegian aviation together with Norse. 

“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement that ensures predictability and security for both employees and the company. The negotiations have been characterized by trust and collaboration between the parties, which has laid a good foundation for further co-operation and development. Times are currently tough for the aviation industry, and we unfortunately see that many actors are still challenging social responsibility. That’s why we are very pleased that a serious player like Norse Atlantic Airways bases its operations on Norway’s working model and social values. We are convinced that this will contribute to increased competitiveness,” said union leader Yngve Carlsen of the Norwegian Pilots' Association. 

Building a new aviation adventure – with the right people  

Norse Atlantic Airways is building a new airline that will offer affordable transatlantic flights. Our vision is to be ‘The Explorer’s Airline’. To achieve that we are building a high-performance culture and creating an environment where we value diversity, and all colleagues feel a sense of belonging. Not only are we going to work smarter, better, and faster than our competitors, but we will also be known for our excellent customer service; our Norse culture will be our competitive advantage. Thousands of talented people have already applied for positions, and we currently have 25 new job openings at our head office in Arendal and our office in London. When all our 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners are in the air, we expect to be a team of 1,600 dedicated people.