NRC Group ASA - Registration of share capital increases

Oslo, 9 November 2015. Reference is made to the announcement by NRC Group ASA (the "Company") earlier today regarding finalization of agreements for the acquisition of Litz Entreprenad AB and Elektrobyggnad Sverige AB.

The Company has today completed the acquisitions of Litz Entreprenad AB and Elektrobyggnad Sverige AB, including the issuance of consideration shares to the sellers.

The share capital increases related to issuance of the consideration shares have been registered with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and the Company's share capital is now NOK 27,714,233 divided into 27,714,233 shares, each with nominal value NOK 1.

About Us

About NRC GroupNRC Group is the largest rail infrastructure entrepreneur in the Nordic region. NRC Group has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2011 and has regional offices throughout Norway, Sweden and Finland. The company is headquartered at Lysaker, nearby Oslo, in Norway. NRC Group is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under ticker "NRC". The company's chief executive officer is Henning Olsen.