Communique from the Annual General Meeting of Nustay A/S

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Today, on April 30th, 2019, the Annual General Meeting was held of Nustay A/S. Below follows a summary of the established decisions. All decisions were taken with the required majority. 

Item 1: Election of chairman of the meeting 

Chantal Pernille Patel was elected the chairman of the general meeting.  

Item 2: The Board of Directors’ report on the company’s activities in the past financial year

The general meeting took note of the board of directors’ report on the Company’s activities in 2018.

Item 3: Presentation of the Company’s annual report for 2018 for adoption

The general meeting unanimously adopted the audited annual report for 2018.

Item 4: Resolution concerning the appropriation of profits or losses as recorded in the adopted annual report

The general meeting decided that no dividend shall be distributed for fiscal year 2018.

Item 5: Election of members to the board of directors

The general meeting decided to re-elect Lone Fønss Schrøder, Piyush Jain, Carl Erik Skovgaard, Simon Skouboe and Michael Telling Jørgensen to the Board of Directors until the next Annual General Meeting. 

Item 6: Election of auditor

The general meeting decided that the Company’s current auditor, Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab, is re-elected until the next Annual General Meeting.

Item 7.a: Proposal from the board of directors to hold the general meeting in English and to prepare documents in connection with or following the general meeting in English 

The general meeting approved that general meetings of the Company going forward shall be held in English, and that documents prepared for use of the general meeting in connection with or following the general meeting shall be prepared in English.

Copenhagen 30th of April, 2019

Nustay A/S 
The Board of Directors

For further information about Nustay A/S, please contact:                                    

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, Founder and CEO, Nustay A/S

Telephone: +45 22 91 94 99



About Nustay 

Nustay is a Danish company within the hotel booking market that offers its customers a new booking concept. Nustay has a vision of becoming the best and most disruptively innovative hotel booking platform in the world. The company’s innovative and advanced hotel booking platform has been under development since 2014 and is today online, active and has proven its ability to handle customers all over the globe. Nustay is an Online Travel Agency that delivers personalised hotel deals for each registered user depending on the preferences of the user and the type of stay. Nustay differs itself from its competitors – current OTA market actors such as and – by combining the best and most important aspects of existing online booking – a large hotel inventory, a great booking experience and lower prices than its competitors.

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