Nustay A/S: Updated financial calendar

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Today, Nustay A/S (“Nustay”) announces that the company has updated its financial calendar, with regards to the date of the company’s Annual General Meeting. The original date for the AGM was April 29thand the new date for the AGM is April 30th. The complete financial calendar is stated below.

April 12, 2019: Annual report

April 30, 2019: Annual General Meeting

May 30, 2019: Q1 report

Aug 29, 2019: Half-year report

Nov 28, 2019: Q3 report

Feb 27, 2020: Year-end report

For further information about Nustay, please contact:                          

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, Founder and CEO, Nustay A/S

Telephone: +45 22 91 94 99