Nustay enters its first agreement regarding a Business-to-Business API and delivers 2020 goal

Today, Nustay A/S (“Nustay”) announces that the company has entered into an agreement regarding a B2B API (application program interface), which allows the counterpart in the agreement to tap into Nustay’s competitive hotel inventory. The counterpart is a hotel booking site with a unique business model specialized in hotel deals for businesses. Within the co-operation, Nustay will act as a B2B hotel supplier and the counterpart will be able to submit hotel reservations through Nustay on behalf of its end-users. The agreement is valid from the signing and remains in full force and effect until terminated by either party, and the integration between Nustay and the counterpart is expected to go live in the end of Q2 2019. The board of Nustay judges that the agreement will have a positive impact on Nustay’s net revenue of approx. 1.3 MDKK during the first 12 months of the agreement.

In the prospectus published by Nustay in relation to the company’s IPO earlier this year, the board set out a goal to launch a B2B API during 2020. As a result of the agreement, Nustay is pleased to announce that this goal has now already been met. The launch of a B2B API will lead to an increase in Nustay’s handled revenue, which in turn can help the company negotiate lower buying prices on the hotels. This will have a positive impact on Nustay’s core business, the B2C platform, since the margins would increase in the event of lower buying prices due to increased handled revenue.

CEO Mathias Lundoe Nielsen comments

“It is very exciting for us to announce that we are now launching our B2B API as a result of this agreement. It is particularly exciting because it’s a goal that we did not expect to reach until 2020 – so we’re a year ahead of schedule in this aspect. The agreement validates Nustay’s technology and price competitiveness on its hotels. This is of course a result of all the hard work that my team and I have done, and the increased revenue that the agreement will lead to will also benefit the company and our shareholders. In the long term, we expect that this will lead to more similar agreements and that it will be another contributing factor to Nustay’s growth.”

For further information about Nustay, please contact:                        

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, Founder and CEO, Nustay A/S

Telephone: +45 22 91 94 99



This information is information that Nustay A/S is obliged to publish in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the contact person above for publication on March 29, 2019.

About Nustay

Nustay is a Danish company within the hotel booking market that offers its customers a new booking concept. Nustay has a vision of becoming the best and most disruptively innovative hotel booking platform in the world. The company’s innovative and advanced hotel booking platform has been under development since 2014 and is today online, active and has proven its ability to handle customers all over the globe. Nustay is an Online Travel Agency that delivers personalised hotel deals for each registered user depending on the preferences of the user and the type of stay. Nustay differs itself from its competitors – current OTA market actors such as and – by combining the best and most important aspects of existing online booking – a large hotel inventory, a great booking experience and lower prices than its competitors.




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