Chanz - the worlds first new social online casino

A group of Scandinavians started the world's first social online casino, Chanz. The new casino stands out in many ways, such as giving the ability to communicate and compete with old or new friends. Registration at Chanz can be done in seconds thanks to Facebook or Twitter sign-up.

Chanz - the latest new casino concept comes from Scandinavia and works in a slightly different way. Instead of just playing casino games alone, Chanz allows new players to quickly find like-minded friends to challenge.

"Chanz is the world's first social online casino where new customers can register in just five seconds," says Markus Jalmerot, founder of New Casinos Limited (

Registration takes place instantly by using either Twitter or Facebook. There are no other new casinos where you can register in only a few seconds, reveals New Casinos. The modern and innovative sign-up process is a great way to attract new clients, says the team at New Casinos. Sign-up with help of Twitter or Facebook is of course not disclosed to any Facebook or Twitter friends. Everyone rather entering their details manually can obviously do that instead.

The big difference with Chanz brand new online casino and its competitors is that players can find new friends who like to play casino online here. Chanz is a type of game community where people can chat, compete and challenge each other. Customers are encouraged to invite friends, or can be randomly connected to an opponent for a game lasting for 3 minutes. The winner is the player with the highest score when time is up. Several hundreds of games from Microgaming are available to choose from and Chanz currently working on getting even more game developers.

Chanz social casino started by four main owners from Norway. The site is therefore available in both English, Norwegian and Swedish immediately at launch. English and Scandinavian support is available between 8 AM and midnight every day. As an exclusive partner, everyone visiting Chanz from New Casinos gets 10 free spins after registration. This way, all new players can try out the world's first social casino completely without risk one time.


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Chanz is the world's first social online casino where new customers can register in just five seconds.
says Markus Jalmerot, founder of New Casinos Limited.