NYFORS releases Extended-length recoater, allowing stripped fiber lengths of more than 100 mm to be recoated

NYFORS introduces a new product solution for extended length recoating, that simplifies the task of fiber coating restoration in specialty applications which require long fiber strip lengths. Included in the Extended length version of the ReCoater 2™, which is available with 110 mm recoating moulds, is the capability of fast curing of both high and low index materials, as well as linear or rotary tensile testing functionality.

Designed around NYFORS’ proven silicone mould technology, this versatile recoating platform accepts both extended length 110 mm and standard 34 mm or 55 mm recoating moulds. With different mould types and diameters available, the operator can choose whether to create a uniform diameter recoating the matches the orginal fiber diameter, recoatings with a cross section slightly smaller than the original fiber coating (undersize) or recoatings with a larger diameter that overlaps the original coating at each end of the recoat area (overcoating). Moulds are easily interchangeable by the operator in less than a minute with no re-alignment of the system required.

Injection of the recoating compound is performed manually. While this does require a manual operation, it also ensures flexibility because the user can immediately switch from one type of recoating compound to another (e.g. from a high-index to a low-index recoating material) without any need to flush out a recoater reservoir and injection pumping system.

This, in combination with the wide range of recoating moulds available, makes the extended length recoater easy to set up and optimize for every possible recoating application.

Two different model configurations allows the customer to choose between linear and rotary high strength tensile testing. Motorized clamps eliminates the need for an external air supply, while the built-in LCD touch screen control gives the operator easy access to all system parameters.

Nyfors Teknologi AB develops fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty fusion splicing applications. Specializing in advanced solutions for fiber pre- and postprocessing, the product range includes: precision fiber cleavers and cleave check interferometers, fiber optical recoaters and tensile testers, and custom manufacturing solutions for e.g. fiber optic gyroscope production.

Behind our products you find unique and original expertise accumulated during more than twenty years of research and development for the fusion splicing industry.