Nynas turns 90 today!

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When Nynas first refinery was taken into operation in 1928, the focus was on providing the Swedish market with fuel. Today, our highly specialised naphthenic oils are included in everything from gearboxes and rubber to adhesives and electrical transformers.

It all started in 1928. One of the great Swedish industrialists, Axel Axelsson Johnson, together with Charles Almqvist, were the men behind the building of Sweden’s first large scale oil refinery. At that time, oil was already big business in America.

As the usage of cars had become even more popular in Sweden, the demand for asphalt and gasoline increased. From 1930-1980, Nynas petrol stations was a common sight throughout Sweden. Then came the energy crisis in the 1970s and after rethinking its strategy, Nynas dismantled the network of petrol stations transforming Nynas into a global group of companies with a focus on specialty products.

As the 1990s began, the modern Nynas continued with two business areas and began expanding its sales of naphthenic specialty oils internationally.

As they say, the rest is history! This year we can celebrate 90 years of successes and solutions, research and development, investments and improvements, experience and innovation, acquisitions and partnerships and over 1.000 dedicated employees around the world.

Nynas has become a global leader in naphthenic oils. Through our unique expertise, we deliver next generation sustainable and efficient solutions and unrivalled value to our customers and the world we live in.

Photos enclosed
Nynas History 1: The refinery in Nynäshamn is being built, 1928.
Nynas History 2: The British tanker S/S Earl arrives at the refinery with the first load of crude oil delivered to Sweden by ship.

Nynas history

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Nynas is a different kind of oil company – we want to use oil, not burn it.
With around 1000 employees, production facilities in Europe and South America as well as offices in over 30 countries, Nynas is dedicated to researching, producing and supplying specialty naphthenic oils and bitumen for a growing global market. Together with our customers, we have the know-how to find new applications and meet new challenges that can help shape society.

We take oil further to bring value to customers and the world we live in. 

For further information, please contact:
Kristina Näslund, Head of Marketing Communications
Email: kristina.naslund@nynas.com
Tel.: +46 (0)76 108 14 48