Oblique Therapeutics will be presenting at the Inaugural RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Europe Summit in Vienna in February 2020

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Gothenburg, Sweden, October 24, 2019 – Oblique Therapeutics AB announces that Sreesha P Srinivasa is on the list of invited speakers who will be presenting at the RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Europe Summit in Vienna in February 2020.

Sreesha P Srinivasa, Senior Vice President at Oblique Therapeutics will be presenting the company’s KRAS antibody program, targeting KRAS driven malignancies such as lung and colon cancer, at the summit early next year.

The summit unites experts in the RAS field; big pharma, biotech and academia. They are all trying to develop medicines targeting RAS, a family of proteins when mutated are responsible for many types of cancers. The summit is held on an annual basis both in US and Europe.

“Although RAS is one of the earliest oncogenes discovered, efforts to target this frequently mutated protein have been challenging and unsuccessful until recently.  We are delighted to be invited to this exciting conference and are enthusiastic to share the progress we have made in our program, which is a novel strategy to target KRAS”  Sreesha  P Srinivasa, SVP Oblique Therapeutics.

Link: Summit Agenda

About KRAS

KRAS is a member of the RAS family of proteins and functions as cell signaling switch based on whether it is GDP or GTP bound. RAS regulates intracellular signaling networks which ultimately control cell growth, differentiation and survival. Gain-of-function mutations in RAS family are found in ~ 25% of human cancers. Although RAS protein and signaling pathways are well characterized at the molecular level, there are currently no approved targeted therapeutics for these patients. Hope for these patients has been revived by reports of recent success of a small molecule inhibitor targeting specific mutation in KRAS. The scientific community is applying multiple approaches to target various mutant forms of RAS family and the field is poised for rapid advancement which should ultimately benefit the patients.

Olique Therapeutics is applying its AbiprotTM Technology for discovery of selective antibody therapeutics  targeting KRAS for the treatment of cancers driven by KRAS mutations.

For more information, please contact:
Owe Orwar, CEO

Email: owe@obliquet.com

About Oblique Therapeutics

Oblique Therapeutics is a privately held Swedish biotech developing innovative new medicines for severe diseases with a large unmet medical need focusing on pain and advanced cancer.  The company uses AbiprotTM, an in-house-invented, next-generation antibody platform that can generate antibodies with programmed function against the full human proteome. The portfolio comprises three in-house programs – two antibody candidates: aKRAS in advanced cancer, aTRPA1 in pain; and the small molecule OT-1096 in triple-negative breast cancer. In addition, there are three antibodies programs in collaboration with pharma. Oblique Therapeutics makes medicines that matter to patients.https://obliquet.com/



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