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  • Observe Medical ASA – Enhanced Nordic sales team in full operations, driving Sippi® clinical use in the Nordics, following the recent acquisition of Sylak AB

Observe Medical ASA – Enhanced Nordic sales team in full operations, driving Sippi® clinical use in the Nordics, following the recent acquisition of Sylak AB

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Observe Medical ASA, December 21, 2020: Following the acquisition by Observe Medical of Sylak AB on October 30, the team and product portfolio are now successfully integrated into Observe Medical and in full operations, with focus on the Swedish market.

Observe Medical is currently launching Sippi® automated digital urine meter in selected markets in Europe, with the near-term focus of accelerating Sippi clinical use in Nordics. Therefore, the access to Sippi target customers is key, specifically important during the current pandemic, since the access to healthcare professionals is restricted, especially at ICUs and other departments at hospitals. The portfolio added through the acquisition of Sylak consists of a broad range of hospital products within urine measurement, anaesthesia/ICU and wound care. The product range is complimentary to Sippi, providing access and enabling sales calls with Sippi target customers. It has already generated several customer requests for Sippi testing and implementation during early 2021 at key hospitals. In addition, the integration has brought significant synergies by enhancing Observe Medical sales operational capabilities, for example in tender management, logistics and warehousing.

The Observe Medical sales team is further expanding with a new Nordic key account manager (KAM), joining in January 2021. The new KAM, like the colleagues in the sales team, has a background as a specialist nurse, a highly relevant competence and experience for driving Sippi clinical use as well as for the sales growth of the full Observe Medical portfolio. In the coming period the sales operations will further expand with direct sales team on the ground in the Nordics. With the strong international experience in the sales team, they are also key in transferring the Nordic Sippi references and learnings when enhancing our international distributor network.

“The pandemic is highlighting key clinical challenges, not the least at ICUs and other hospital departments. Our sales team has excellent and long-standing relations with the departments at major hospitals. It is highly motivating for me and my team to be fully on board Observe Medical, and to continue helping our customers, the caregivers, in their daily work with patients. Sippi has the same target customers as the rest of our portfolio and several of the products are directly synergistic and can be bundled with Sippi”. I expect this to further drive Sippi clinical use and portfolio sales growth” says Anders Nachtweij, Head of Sales, Observe Medical, formerly General Manager of Sylak.

“We are excited to move into 2021 with full speed and force, and further accelerate Sippi clinical use and portfolio sales growth in the Nordics – lead by Anders Nachtweij, our new Head of Sales, and his team. The integration of the Sylak team represents a boost of momentum and energy in a critical phase of the Sippi commercialization and for Observe Medical,” Björn Larsson, CEO Observe Medical” concludes.

For further information, please contact:

Björn Larsson, CEO, mobile: +46 76 620 17 25 E-mail: bjorn.larsson@observemedical.com

About Observe Medical

Observe Medical develops and markets and sells innovative hospital products that contribute to increased patient safety and a more efficient care system. The company’s ambition is to drive growth by leveraging its expertise in sales and commercialization of its broad portfolio of medical technology products, mainly in the areas of Urine measurement, Anaesthesiology/ICUs and wound care,  in combination with targeted M&A. The company’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway and its operations is based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. Observe Medical has a direct sales organization in the Nordics and a distributor network internationally. Observe Medical's product Sippi® is the only automated digital urine meter with possibility for wireless data transfer to the hospital patient data management systems, and hinders bacterial migration that can lead to urinary infections (Sippcoat®). Sippi® is CE marked and is currently being launched with focus on selected markets and hospitals in Nordics and in Europe.