Observe Medical ASA : Invitation to first quarter 2021 presentation

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Observe Medical ASA invites you to a presentation of the first quarter 2021 on Wednesday May 12 at 8.30 CET. Due to the covid-19 situation the presentation will be held as a webcast only.

The event will start at 08.30 CET and will be webcasted on www.observemedical.com - Investor relations and on the following link:


Representatives from the Company will be:

CEO Björn Larsson and CFO Per Arne Nygård.

Viewers are welcome to ask written questions during and after the presentation through the webcast player.


For further information, please contact:

Björn Larsson, CEO of Observe Medical,

Mobile: +46 76 620 17 25

E-mail: bjorn.larsson@observemedical.com


Per Arne Nygård, CFO of Observe Medical,

Mobile: +47 411 04 345

E-mail: perarne.nygard@observemedical.com