Observe Medical ASA : Invitation to third quarter 2020 presentation

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Observe Medical ASA invites you to a presentation of the third quarter 2020. The presentation will take place at Felix Konferansesenter in Oslo on Tuesday, November 3. The event will start at 08.30 CET and will be webcasted live on www.observemedical.com - Investor relations and on the following link:


Due to COVID-19 and corresponding infection control considerations, we encourage all to follow the presentation on the webcast and not in physical presence.


Representatives from the Company will be:

CEO Björn Larsson and CFO Per Arne Nygård.

Shortly after the presentation the webcast recording will be published on the same link.


For further information, please contact:

Björn Larsson, CEO of Observe Medical,

Mobile: +46 76 620 17 25

E-mail: bjorn.larsson@observemedical.com


Per Arne Nygård, CFO of Observe Medical,

Mobile: +47 411 04 345

E-mail: perarne.nygard@observemedical.com