OCCC Announces ACT NOW Scholarship Program for High School Seniors

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) is encouraging more students to complete the national ACT with the new ACT NOW Scholarship Program for 2013 high school seniors.

The ACT NOW scholarship is offered as an automatic merit-based tuition waiver program for the 2013 graduating class of high school students. The waiver amounts are based on the student’s composite score on the national ACT. Students who score a 21 are eligible for a $500 tuition waiver. Scores of 22 – 23 receive a $750 waiver and scores of 24-26 will receive a $1000 waiver. Students with exceptional scores a 27 or higher will receive a $1500 waiver. All waivers are per semester; freshman year only.

“There is no minimum score required on the ACT for admission to Oklahoma City Community College,” said Jon Horinek, OCCC Recruitment and Admissions director. “However, we find that students who take the ACT often score higher than they think they will, and they almost universally do better the more times they take the exam. Students who do well on the ACT are also much more likely to be successful in college.”

The scholarship is for the freshman year of attendance at OCCC and is renewable from the fall to the spring if the student maintains a college GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students must be admissible to OCCC, eligible to receive state supported aid and enroll for the fall 2013 semester by June 1, 2013. Scores are only accepted from the national ACT; additional restrictions and qualifications may apply.

“Taking the ACT should be part of every high school student’s plan for college,” Horinek said. “We hope more students will explore their potential and take the national exam. There are rewards for those who plan ahead and do their best.”

For more information about the ACT NOW Scholarship Program or Admissions to OCCC, contact the OCCC Office of Recruitment and Admissions at (405) 682-OCCC or email admissions@occc.edu. For more information on the ACT test or to sign up for the next National exam date, visit www.act.org or contact your high school counselor.


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