The world's most socially distanced restaurant – in the middle of nowhere

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The raft, the edge and the grove. These are some of the tables that can be booked at Nowhere - a restaurant that takes social distancing to a whole new level in the middle of the Swedish nature. 

This summer, Oddbird, the winery producing wine liberated from alcohol opens a temporary restaurant in a nature reserve outside Stockholm. Six tables are scattered around in particularly beautiful locations free from contact with other guests, in the middle of the forest, in the fields and by the water.

– Over time, we have become experts at fleeing, both mentally and physically, but on account of the corona crisis, we were grounded and forced to a halt, says Mehmet Gürbüzer at Oddbird. Instead of travelling abroad, we now find ourselves out in the nature and discovering magical places we had not previously regarded as destinations. It is not really the place in itself that we want to get to with Nowhere, rather a state of mind.

All six places at Nowhere are individually designed by the Danish interior design duo The Norrmans using recycled furniture and materials. The menu is created by chefs Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg, who are behind restaurant Garba in Stockholm. Oddbird’s traditionally crafted wines liberated from alcohol are served together with the meal.

Restaurant reservations open on 22nd June at

Ylva Nestmark, Brand Director, Oddbird
Mobile: + 46-735-20 18 46

Oddbird was founded in 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Moa Gürbüzer. Moa has worked for over 2 decades as a social worker and family therapist specializing in alcohol related family issues. She founded Oddbird to change the alcohol norms of society. She wanted the question “Do you want your wine with or without alcohol?” to be as common as “Do you want your coffee with or without milk?”. 

Oddbird has since its inception focused on creating world class, traditionally crafted wines from the finest vineyards in France and Italy. The wines are matured for up to 12 months before being gently liberated from alcohol using a unique method that preserves all the wines flavors just as nature intended.