Pesticide traces found in non-organic milk

PESTICIDE TRACES FOUND IN NON-ORGANIC MILK Traces of the toxic pesticide Lindane - linked to cancer and hormone disruption in humans - have been found in non-organic milk from the UK, the Government's Pesticide Residue Committee revealed yesterday (13th December). In their report on tests taken over the Summer, the Committee found Lindane in 8% of non-organic milk samples tested. No traces of any pesticide were found in any of the organic milk samples tested. Lindane is regarded as a particularly dangerous pesticide, and is due to be removed from sale next year across the EU because of its suspected link to breast cancer, and its potential hormone-disrupting capabilities. Earlier in the year the committee found traces of another dangerous pesticide, DDT, in non-organic butter. No traces were found in organic butter. DDT can affect the nervous system, is a possible human carcinogen and may have a harmful effect on reproduction. David Whiting, of the "Drink Organic" campaign, said: "The only way consumers can be sure of avoiding pesticide residues in dairy products is to buy British organic milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese. We believe no level of pesticide is safe in food for human consumption. Pesticides are designed to poison - they should not be in our food." PESTICIDE TRACES FOUND IN NON-ORGANIC MILK (2) Unlike conventional milk, British organic milk comes from cows that are not fed GM-feed, are not given antibiotics unless actually ill, and are not grazed on land treated with artificial insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. For further information please contact Katy Bedingfield / Jim Crawford at Grayling Public Relations on 0117 922 7799. Interviews with OMSCo members are available. Editors Notes: · A full copy of the report can be found at · Facts about Lindane: - Lindane is a possible human carcinogen - Cases of human poisoning by Lindane have been reported in Europe - Children are significantly more susceptible to its toxic effects - Lindane is an endocrine disrupter - The acceptable daily intake for residues of Lindane in the European diet may be exceeded by up to 12 times according to data from the joint Food and Agriculture Organisation/World Health Organisation Codex Committee. - Lindane is fat soluble and can bio-accumulate through food chains as is common with other organochlorine pesticides Source: Pesticides Action Network website: · The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative - OMSCo - is a co-operative of 350 British farmers, supplying 75% of organic milk produced in the UK. · Dairy products made with OMSCo milk include Yeo Valley Organic yoghurt, Lye Cross cheese, Coombe Farm Cheese, and own-label organic milk from Sainsbury's. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: